This book belonged to my mother’s parents. I vaguely remember looking through it and dismissing it as dull when I was a child. I find it much more interesting now. It is in terrible shape, both covers have fallen off the book and a number of pages are missing at the beginning and perhaps the end.

The copyright page, if there was one, is missing but an online search suggests that this book was published in 1903. I am going to take a wild guess and assume it belonged to my grandfather’s mother, Jessie Mae Tyler Green Harris because she seems like someone who would have enjoyed the amusements and entertainment from the book.

The table of contents is broken into  nine books:

  • Book I: Home Amusements, Games for Children’s Evening Parties and Easily Prepared Dainty Dishes for Miscellaneous Occasions
  • Book II: Church Entertainments and  Pleasant Stories for Stormy Sundays
  • Book III: School Department
  • Book IV: Outdoor Games
  • Book V: Literary Societies — How to Organize and Conduct Them and Classified Quotations
  • Book VI: A High Order of Miscellaneous Entertainments for Clubs, Parties, Socials
  • Book VII: Fun for All
  • Book VIII: Dainty Work for Deft Fingers, or Boys’ and Girls’ Workshop
  • Book IX: The Art of Attainment and Department of Etiquette

While I do not plan on digitizing the entire book, I will post all of the “Full-Page Half-Tone Illustrations and their corresponding articles. There are also several other illustrations that I may post about. I will also post some of my favorite activities that do not have any illustrations.