An All Fools’ Social

photograph of a boy pulling something from the back of a man's coat tails.

“Hunt the Whistle” The above engraving illustrates one of the interesting features of an “All Fools’ Social”

This should be made the occasion for pure and simple fun, only lively games being admissible.

First, suspend an apple from a hook in the center of the ceiling; the string should be of rubber. Tie the hands behind the back and bite the apple(?). This will seem an easy task, until it has been tried.

Second, place a lighted candle on a table; blindfold a guest, turn him three times around to confuse him on directions, then tell him to blow out the candle. This will be found most amusing.

Tie the hands again, take a dime and place it firmly in the center of the forehead, press hard, then deftly remove the dime. Now command him to shake the head three times and remove the dime, though the shaking may be most vigorous the dime will yet seem to cling.

The old favorite “Hunt the Whistle” will be found adaptable to this evening: Choose a person who has never seen the game played. Place him in the center of the room’ the remaining guests now form a circle around him; show him the whistle and tell him that it is to be hidden in the ring; blindfold him while the whistle is being hidden. During the time he is being blindfolded some person quietly fastens the whistle to the back of [his] coat, by a string to which is attached a crooked pin. The bandage is removed and he is told to hunt the whistle. While he is searching, some person behind slips quietly forward and blows the whistle; until it is discovered.

Suspend an odd-shaped bundle, formed by wrapping paper together in an odd way, from the chandelier; now let each guest make a guess as to what the bundle contains, no one is allowed to touch same. After all have registered a guess, the bundle is unwrapped, and in its center is found a tiny box; on opening the box a slip of paper is found, bearing the words “An April Fool.”

A sleight-of-hand performer would be a suitable addition to this evening’s entertainment.