A Bird Social

On the walls should be displayed numbered pictures of twenty different species of birds, characteristic of our climate; the names should be omitted. (Beautiful colored plates of birds may be obtained from Birds and All Nature, published by Monfort Co., Chicago.) Pencils and paper are given the guests, and they are required to record the names of the birds according to number; twenty minutes are given to complete the lists. At the end of this time a correct list is read and all lists are checked by it.


Not from the book, but from the Internet (Taubert, M, and Geo. H Curtis. Jenny Lind’s bird song. Firth, Pond, and Co., New York, monographic, 1851. Notated Music. Retrieved from the Library of Congress, https://www.loc.gov/item/sm1851.150170/. (Accessed July 19, 2017.))

Some pretty bird songs may be introduced, after which the following list of Hidden Birds is distributed, the guests being asked to search for the caged birds:

  1. The path through all the meadow leads to the mill. (Owl)
  2. Are all arks built alike? (Lark)
  3. How rents have advanced! (Wren)
  4. Oh awkward boy, how could you be so careless? (Hawk)
  5. Did they rob in daylight? (Robin)
  6. Have you read Gulliver’s Travels? (Gull)
  7. She looks wan and pale. (Swan)
  8. He hath rushed away in silence (Thrush)
  9. The crown and glory of life is character. (Crow)
  10. He broke the reed in half-inch lengths. (Finch)
  11. He swallowed the medicine easily. (Swallow)
  12. I made known to her a venerable friend of mine. (Raven)
  13. Do venture a little farther. (Dove)
  14. I met her on the beach. (Heron)
  15. Does the pup love Ruth? (Plover)
  16. This song will be a glee. (Eagle)
  17. Maj. Ayers is a handsome man (Jay)
  18. The celebration began and dawn. (Daw)
  19. He found in grammar tiny words for great uses. (Martin)
  20. Can a rye field produce such sorrow? (Canary)

A paraphrase of Longfellow’s beautiful poem “The Birds of Killingworth” may be read while a vocalist may render the “Jenny Lind Bird Song.”