A Cat Social

This entertainment is a “Show” and “Social” combined. Every guest owning a pet cat is requested to bring it to this social; also to provide a written history of its life, so far as it is known. These histories should be made as amusing as possible, and form one part of the evening’s entertainment.

Next, a Cat game is played, as follows: Some guest is chosen as “Kitty”; this guest now kneels before some person and utters a plaintive little “meou”; the person must then pat “Kitty” on the head and say, “Poor Kitty!” This is repeated three times, and if the “Kitty” succeeds in making the guest laugh, this guest, in turn, becomes the “Kitty.”

Now provide pencils and paper, and give the following list of Queer Poetical Cats, to be deciphered by each guest:

There’s a cat very good for food, ’tis said,
And a cat marks the resting place of the dead;
There’s a cat that makes a discordant sound,
And a cat that is made to scatter around.
There’s a cat that crawls beneath our feet,
And a cat whose movements are quick and fleet:
There’s a cat that blanches our face with fear,
And a cat that wanders far and near.

Answers to the above are: Catsup, catacomb, house cat, catalogue, caterpillar, catamount, catastrophe, cattle.