A Carnival of Nations

Woman dressed as Miss Columbia

Miss Columbia

It is not entirely clear that this photo goes with this activity because some of the text from the caption is missing, but the only other activities on page 22 are A Cat Social and A Date Social. This comes the closest because it mentions costumes:

This is designed for a fancy-dress affair, each guest being requested to dress to represent some nation. When all have gathered a grand march is participated in by all. As a feature of the entertainment a short description of the nation represented is read by each guest; these descriptions should be limited to not more than half a dozen facts; this and his dress are the key by which he is identified. Slips of paper are provided and the guesses are recorded in the order in which they are read. A simple gift, as a book of views, is provided for the most successful contestant.

The second part of the evening may be devoted to the following national conundrums; the answers may be written or given orally as desired.

Name a:

  • ┬áMurderess nation (Assassination)
  • Floral nation (Carnation)
  • Poet’s nation (Imagination)
  • School-girl’s nation (Examination)
  • Teacher’s nation (Explanation)
  • Traveler’s nation (Destination)
  • Preventative nation (Vaccination)
  • Ruler’s nation (Coronation)
  • Church-goer’s nation (Donation)